La Brasserie Belgh Brasse est fière de vous annoncer qu’elle vient de remporter deux nouvelles médailles.

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Bière Mons


Made with love

The new Bas de Laine beers are available exclusively at the SAQ.

Warning: Do not tumble dry.



750 mL  |  7% alc./vol.


At the nose, notes of caramel and buckwheat honey with white fruits are perceived. A very complex nose with subtle hints of smoke. On the palate, there are notes of honey and fruit with a side of grilled bread. The finish is long with pleasant notes of fruits.

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Launched in 2017, La Bittt à Tibi Lager Blonde is already one of the most popular microbrewery beers in “La Belle Province”. It has been voted by the public as one of the three official beers of the Fête nationale in Quebec city.

This is quite an achievement for Jean-Louis Marcoux, brewmaster of Belgh Brasse, the world-renowned brewery based in Amos, Abitibi, and famous for its range of Belgian beers: Mons Abbey Ales.

Here, he creates a smooth, low-fermented classic lager brewed with American Cascade hops. It’s colour reminds us of the Abitibi Gold Belt while its taste is refreshing like the northern winds.

Over the last year, La Bittt à Tibi Amos Blonde Lager has won several international awards, starting with a gold medal at the US Open Beer Championships.

It’s the best American lager according to American judges!

Serve at 6 ° C in high ball glasses.


750 mL  |  7% alc./vol.

A fairly rich Belgian blonde, with typical notes of honey and barley sugar, as well as a round and generous mouth with a long the long finish

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